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Lois A. Kratz Health and Wellness Center

Get Healthy, Stay Healthy

Few things do a body good like regular, moderate exercise. The Lois A. Kratz Health and Wellness Center is a place where those 16 and older with varying levels of ability can work out under the supervision of a fitness trainer or gym attendant. The state-of-the-art facility provides cardiovascular, weight-bearing, non-weight-bearing and resistance training.

The Wellness Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. and it is closed on weekends and holidays. Membership is $30 per month. Membership includes body fat analysis, weight checks, health assessment interview and initial exercise program. Personal trainers are available by appointment. $30 charge per session. Shower facilities and lockers are available at no additional charge.

Arthritis Friendly Exercise Class

Time: 1:30 p.m. each Tuesday and Friday
Location: Lois Kratz Health and Wellness Center
1319 Missouri Avenue, Jeffersonville, IN
For More Info: Call (812) 283-2600

Exercise is crucial to our continued health, especially as we get older. But if you have arthritis, pain and a limited range of motion can keep you from taking part in regular exercise classes. That’s why Clark Memorial Hospital’s Center for Orthopedics and Neurology is offering exercise classes designed for those with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia. Free for our gym members and $5 each class for non-members.

Weight Management Program

The Lifestyle & Weight Management Program at Clark Memorial can help you achieve your health goals by assessing and modifying your risk factors through a truly individualized plan for weight management and fitness conditioning.

The program consists of:

  • A one-hour consult and coaching session with a registered nurse
  • Body measurements and weigh ins
  • A food and exercise diary
  • A body fat analysis
  • Printed reference materials to guide you along the program
  • Gym membership for $10 per month for active program participants

The fee for the program is $40. Call Carolyn McKee, RN for more information or to schedule an appointment.

Healthy Recipes

Keep your weight and wellness on track with these family-friendly, smart recipes. We’ve made it easy to create delicious, healthy eats perfect for any occasion. View recipes.


In addition to exercise programs, the Lois A. Kratz Health and Wellness Center offers a variety of screenings to the public throughout the week (no appointment is necessary):

  • Blood pressure (free)
  • Weight check (free)
  • Body fat analysis ($15 fee)
  • Flexibility assessment (includes instruction on proper stretching techniques), ($15 fee)
  • Personal training sessions for non-members – $30 per 45 minute session (must pre-schedule).

All the above are available Monday – Friday from 6 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. by appointment. Call (812) 283-2600 for more information on any of the above services.

Zumba Fitness®

Zumba Classes are available in the Lois A. Kratz Wellness Center!  Zumba Fitness features exotic rhythms set to high-energy Latin and international beats.  It’s easy to do, effective and totally exhilarating, often building a deep-rooted community among returning participants.  Clark’s Zumba classes are one hour long and are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 6 p.m.  The fee per Zumba session is $5 or $40 per month.  For more information call the Wellness Center at 812-283-2600.

For a complete list of additional seminars, events and support groups visit the Seminars & Events page.