Clark Medical Group

Providing Stability

The first step to seeking help with behavioral health or chemical dependency issues is a desire to improve your mental well-being and to function better in your everyday life.

Dr. Asad Ismail has joined Clark Memorial Health’s Clark Medical Group and is a trained medical professional in psychiatry and neurology. He can diagnose and treat mental, addiction and emotional illnesses. He will provide inpatient services at Clark’s Behavioral Health Services unit and will oversee the Intensive Outpatient Therapy Program.

Peer support is an important part of healing. The Intensive Outpatient Therapy program is a structured group therapy program that offers comprehensive care for patients age 18 and up struggling with mental disorders and addiction.

Medical Staff

Asad Ismail, MD, Diplomat American Board of Psychiatry/Neurology

Dr. Asad Ismail has over twenty years of experience in the mental health field and holds a medical degree from Dow Medical College and he completed his residency in psychiatry in 1998. He is currently the Medical Director and Chairman of Psychiatry at Clark Memorial Health. Recently, he was the Staff
Psychiatrist at Wellstone Regional Hospital and Medical Director at LifeSpring Mental Health Services.

Dr. Ismail’s specializes in:

Treating addiction
Crisis management
Individual, group and family therapy
Counseling and psychotherapy
HIV support groups
Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective & Bipolar disorders