Healthy Screenings

Because the best way to get well is to avoid health issues to begin with, Clark Memorial provides free screenings to help you keep tabs on your state of health. These screenings covers your general health including blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and diabetes.

Calcium Scoring

Cardiac Calcium Scoring is a safe and painless test that can detect potential heart problems before they advance. The procedure uses a special CT scan to check for the buildup of calcium on the walls of the coronary arteries of the heart. Coronary artery disease can affect blood flow to the heart and can result in painful angina or a heart attack. Clark Memorial offers Calcium Scoring at the hospital in Jeffersonville and at the Hunter Station Medical Center. The cost is $50. To schedule an appointment please call 800.424.DOCS

Low Dose CT Lung Screening Special Cash Price

Because prevention and screening are such vital elements of lung health, Clark Memorial is offering a $110 Low Dose CT lung screening program for at-risk individuals. This special cash price can save patients approximately $300 in out-of-pocket expenses, as this screening is not covered by most insurance plans. This is a cash pay program; eligibility requirements must be met prior to screening. Clark Memorial offers the Low Dose CT lung screening at two convenient locations; one at the main hospital campus and the other at Hunter Station in Sellersburg. To schedule a low-cost, low-dose CT lung screening, call 800.424.DOCS. A radiologist will interpret your results and discuss with you at the time of your appointment.  Your results will also be sent to your physician for follow up if needed.

Vascular Screenings

The greatest danger with undetected vascular disease is that the first sign of trouble could be a stroke, heart attack or aneurysm. So Clark Memorial Health is making a special offer to help you find out whether you’re at risk – before a potentially fatal symptom occurs. This quick, non-invasive screening is a smart – and affordable – choice. Call 800.424.DOCS  to schedule your screening. For just $149 (cash or credit card), you’ll receive:

  • An abdominal and carotid ultrasound.
  • An ABI (ankle brachial index).

Vascular Screening information

Bone Density Screening

Osteoporosis is common and a serious condition that affects both women and men. There are risk factors that can be controlled. However, as with any condition, talk with your healthcare provider so you can develop a plan to protect your bones.

Who should be screened?

  • Women 65 and over and Men 70 and over
  • Anyone over 50 who breaks a bone
  • Menopausal women with risk factors
  • Men between 50 and 69 with risk factors
  • Anyone who has experienced loss of height RISK FACTORS
  • Low bone density
  • Low body weight
  • Family history of fractures or a previous fracture
  • Smoking
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Three or more alcohol drinks per day
  • Long term use of steroids and some medications

Questions about bone density screenings? Call our Bone Health Team at 812.288.6161.

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