Medical Staff Leadership

2019 Medical Executive Committee

President, Daniel MacMillan, M.D.
President-Elect, Zaka Rahman, M.D.
Immediate Past President, D Michael Harper, M.D.
Chairman, Emergency Medicine, Brian Porter, M.D.
Chairman, Family Medicine, Vipul Brahmbhatt, M.D.
Chairman, Internal Medicine, Chuck Trommler, M.D.
Chairman  Cardiology, Matthew Sweat, M.D.
Chairman, Surgery, Oliver Montoya, M.D.
Chairman, OB/GYN, Amanda Davenport, M.D.
Chairman, Pathology, Kelly Brown, M.D.
Chairman, Psychiatry, Asad Ismail, M.D.
Chairman, Radiology, Daniel Altman, M.D.
Chairman, Credentials, Muhammad Masroor, M.D.
Chairman, PSQC, Marlene Chua, M.D.

Board Representative, Michael Fitzpatrick, MD

Patient Safety and Quality Council

The Patient Safety and Quality Council consists of both medical and hospital staff. The Council is co-chaired by Marlene Chua, MD, Anesthesiology and Martin Padgett, CEO of Clark Memorial Hospital. This multidisciplinary Council is responsible for driving both clinical quality and safety throughout the hospital organization. Each month the Council reviews outcome data, reviews reports from process improvement teams and makes recommendations for continuous improvement to hospital practices.

Co-chair: Marlene Chua, MD, Anesthesiology and Martin Padgett, CEO, Clark Memorial Hospital


Leanne Scott, Board of Trustees, Clark Memorial Hospital
Klaus Boel, MD, Chief Medical Officer (CMO)
Kathy Neuner, Chief Nursing Officer (CNO)
Lance Ballard, Director, Pharmacy
Darlene Bell, Director, Laboratory Services
Rodney Bottorff, Director, Security
Amanda Caple, Quality
Chaundra Coons, Director, Surgical Services
Don Cull, Director, Cardiovascular and Ambulatory Services
Bryan Boone, Director, Emergency Department
Stacy Finney, Quality Specialists
Bill Greene, Risk Manager
Donna Heffley, Director, Critical Care
Della Sennett, Director, Med/Surg
Lori Sheffield, Director, Quality Resources Department
Erin Winebrenner, Director, HIM

Mouhamad Addas, MD, Internal Medicine
Vipul Brahmbhatt, MD, Family Medicine
Marlene Chua, MD, Anesthesiology
Troy Davis, MD, Pathology
Michael Fitzpatrick, MD, Anesthesiology
Jill Green, MD, OBGYN
Daniel Altman, MD, Radiology