CEO Letter for Janice Mallory

Janice Mallory has been a team member at Clark Memorial Hospital since 1992. She began as a Help Desk Analyst for our Information Systems department working third shift. After working for many years she earned a well-deserved promotion to Team Lead. Although Janice's role does not directly involve patient care, her role is vital to the hospital as she ensures that our computer system runs smoothly each day. Her years of experience and dedication allow her to easily prioritize requests in order to avoid long wait times for the departments which could ultimately impact the patient.

Janice leads by example with her excellent giving qualities and modeling behavior of true teamwork. She's notorious for putting the needs of all team members before her own and is the first to volunteer when help is needed. She provides coverage for her team whenever they need her. From daily breaks to vacations, Janice demonstrates incredible flexibility with her schedule by covering any shift that is vacant as the Help Desk requires 24/7 coverage.

When Janice is not ensuring the quality of the computers at Clark Memorial, she volunteers much of her time at a local homeless mission, Exit 0. She delivers blankets and clothing to the shelter during the cold winter months and has used personal time off to make homemade soup so they have something warm to eat. Recently, Exit O lost the building that housed its supplies. Janice spent many hours after work, on weekends, and used vacation time to help organize the supplies and make certain they were moved to the new location without any complications. Her service work with Exit O was captured in an article written in The Courier Journal where she is seen with several of the mission's patrons.

Exit O is not the only organization in which Janice is actively serving. As an active member of her church, Janice serves meals every quarter at a local homeless shelter, The Haven House. She has helped collect blankets for Samaritan's Purse as well as supplies for an orphanage in Haiti. In 2011 Janice went on a mission trip to Africa in the city of Windhoek, Namibia with five members of her church to distribute blankets to the poor. Some would say that the distribution of blankets alone would be worthy of recognition; however, Janice and her church members had another goal in mind -to encourage women. They hosted a Women's conference, Mending Broken Hearts, in an area with the third highest female suicide rate. During the conference, 80 women were given guidance and information on how to understand and know their worth.

Despite her grand service work, Janice remains humble and often keeps her mission work quiet because she doesn't want public recognition for what she does. In fact, many team members are unaware of how involved she is because she holds her mission work close to her heart. Janice Mallory is an excellent Mercy Award recipient. With her caring nature for Clark Memorial Hospital team members and patients as well as those outside of the hospital and within our community, she truly takes "Making our Communities Healthier" to a whole new level.


Martin Padgett
Chief Executive Officer
Clark Memorial Hospital

Nomination from Kelly Walker

I am nominating Janice Mallory for the Mercy Award. Janice lives the values of Clark Memorial Hospital. Janice is a team leader in the Information Systems department. Although she does not work directly with patients, she makes sure that things are running smoothly to ensure high quality patient care. 
     One of Janice's many great qualities is her commitment to co-workers. She is always willing to help me out with any computer needs int he Gift Shop, even if I stop her while she is in the shop buying her bubble gum! She is always very patient and helpful with our volunteers.
     Today, she helped me withe the task of recording a shoplifter on our camera system. We couldn't get it to work with our password required thumb drive. She went out of her way to figure out how we could use a different thumb drive to capture the video and print pictures of he shoplifter. Janice truly cares about the hospital and making it a better place for team members to work. She has helped me out tremendously over the years . . . and always with a pleasant attitude, as I am sure she has helped so many others.
     Janice takes a very active leadership role in our community as well. She works many, many weekends with Jesus Cares at Exit 0.
     Their mission statement is:
     To Offer Resources that Prevents & Ends Homelessness
     To Serve Everyone, Respect, Integrity & Grace
     To Be Good Stewards of the Resources Entrusted to us by our Supporters
     To Reflect the Teachings of Jesus & Love of God in All We Do
     Janice helps aid the homeless in our community by taking them food, clothing, blankets, back packs, flashlights and other necessities. If you talk to Janice, you will immediately know that this is a very passionate project for her.
     Like Exit 0's mission statement, Janice treats everyone with respect, integrity and grace here at Clark Memorial Hospital. She is a good steward of the community and just an all around great person. This is why she deserves the Mercy Award!

Nomination from Kim Wermuth and Donna Isler

We believe that Janice Mallory would make a wonderful Mercy Award recipient. Janice has worked in Information Systems (IS) at CMH for over 25 years. She looks out for her team and always has their back.
Being the Helpdesk team leader, Janice and her team are the front line to IS. They man the Helpdesk phone, setup new computers and printers, replace equipment etc. While Janice does not provide direct patient care, she supports all departments in the hospital which allows them to provide excellent patient care. 
Janice is an active team member. She provides coverage for her team for vacations or when there are call ins. Our Helpdesk is manned 24/7 and Janice will change her schedule as needed to cover 2nd, 3rd or weekend shifts so her team doesn't have to shift their hours.
On the CMH observed holidays, the Helpdesk has an on-call rotation which Janice includes herself in. 
When we have snow emergencies, Janice makes sure that the Helpdesk is covered. That may mean contacting security for transportation, making arrangements for her or her team members to have a cot or have access to a vacant patient room in order to make sure the hospital has coverage.
When the Helpdesk has a big project, such as the recent setup and roll out of 300 workstations she makes sure they celebrate the completion. She will order lunch in, cook a meal or possibly bring in breakfast.
Janice is active in her church, and took vacation time to go on a mission trip to Africa a couple of years ago.
More recently, she has been involved with Exit 0, a local homeless mission. She helped deliver blankets and warm clothing several times during subzero weather this past winter. She attends bible studies at the mission, and has even taken PTO to make homemade soups for the homeless. Recently, Exit 0 lost access to the building they used to store clothing, blankets and food. Janice spent countless hours after work, on weekends and on vacation days to help organize Exit 0's supplies to make the move to a new location as easy as possible.
Janice goes above and beyond in everything she does, and we believe she would make an excellent choice to represent Clark Memorial Hospital.