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Hospitalist Program

Benefits of a Hospitalist

A hospitalist from the team sees you daily, managing your treatment and progress while you're in the hospital. That includes coordinating and managing care with any other medical specialists providing services. Because they're in the hospital at all times, a hospitalist:

  • Is more accessible to nursing staff and family to answer questions
  • Can follow up on tests and adjust your treatment plan in real-time
  • Has in-depth knowledge about the hospital's departments, specialties, and services
  • Is part of a team, so you have a doctor on-site 24/7

The hospitalist partners with your primary care providers, serving as your regular provider while you're in the hospital. When you're discharged, you'll return to your regular providers or other community-based caregiver to continue your care plan. If you don't have a primary care provider, the hospitalist or other hospital staff can help you find a provider and send them the records from your hospital stay.