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Intensive Outpatient Therapy

Call 812.283.2765

Next Steps

Schedule a Consultation with a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Call 812-283-2765

Intensive Outpatient Services Hours
Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Call our 24-hour Crisis Hotline

Call 812-283-2811

What happens during the initial consultation for the IOP Program?

You will schedule an appointment with a Clark Memorial Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW). During this intake appointment, your LCSW will ask you a number of questions about your symptoms. This may include questions about any trauma you’ve experienced, medications you’re taking or have taken, diet and nutrition, family interactions, and any other factors that may affect your ability to function on a daily basis.

Once your assessment is complete, your LCSW will talk to you about next steps.

What happens when I join the IOP?

 If admitted to IOP, the patient and LCSW will develop a treatment plan tailored to specific goals and objectives. Progress towards these goals will be measured and adjusted as needed.

What might my treatment plan include?

Medication Management

Your psychiatrist may suggest medication to help you manage your daily symptoms.

Group Therapy

A multidisciplinary team of Clark Memorial behavioral health specialists leads these supportive sessions. Our goal during these sessions is to help you learn new coping skills and to provide a supportive environment for you to engage with others who may have similar experiences.

Individual Therapy

Individual sessions are time for you to meet one-on-one with a therapist. These sessions are in a confidential setting and help you address any issues of concern.

Family Therapy

In most cases, family involvement in treatment can be extremely helpful. This is a time for family members to become educated about mental health and chemical dependency issues. Through the education process, family members learn new ways to assist you with your recovery. This time is also reserved to safely and respectfully address any damage the family unit has experienced.

What should I expect on my first day?

On your first day of IOT, plan to attend group therapy and a medication management appointment with a psychiatrist. You will then choose 3 days of the week that you can attend on a consistent basis. You will receive medication management approximately 1 time per month with consistent therapy meetings.

How long will I be in IOP?

Typically, patients remain in IOP for 8-10 weeks, or longer depending on the individual’s progress and needs. An after-care plan that includes individual outpatient therapy and continuing medication management will be developed before you graduate from the program.

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