Couples receive a FREE box of chocolates with a scheduled Cardiac Calcium Scoring test

January 29, 2019

Throughout the month of February Clark Memorial Health is giving couples a free box of chocolate truffles when both partners schedule a Cardiac Calcium Scoring test at Hunter Station Medical Center in Sellersburg. The cost of the test is $50 per person. Call 800.424.DOCS to schedule a Cardiac Calcium Scoring test.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States. Cardiac Calcium Scoring is a safe, painless test that can detect heart issues that need attention. The results allow doctors to calculate the risk of heart attack and detect early blockage and plaque build-up and to discuss lifestyle changes with patients that can help prevent or minimize the advancement of heart disease.

Candidates for a Cardiac Calcium Scoring test are:

Man, age 45+
Woman, age 55+
High blood pressure
High cholesterol
Family health history