Clark Memorial Health Thanks Our Community

August 26, 2020


Thank You from Clark Memorial Health
Special thanks to Bruce Morris and the Jeffersonville Fire Department
for helping with this photo message.

That has been our mantra since this pandemic started. As we prepared to implement our emergency protocol back in February, we knew we were in for a challenge.

And we have not faced it alone.

You, the members of our community, have stepped up in countless ways to help provide the supplies and encouragement we’ve needed to care for every patient fighting COVID-19, as well as those who’ve needed ‘normal’ care.

You’ve written cards. You sent meals to our team members nearly every day for weeks. You’ve sewn masks, masks by the dozens, masks by the boxes. You’ve prayed. You’ve written messages in chalk on our sidewalks and put up signs outside our doors. You’ve donated hand sanitizer and Girl Scout cookies and ear savers. You put on a parade around our facility.

For those of you who have had to send a family member or friend into the front lines at our hospital each day, we thank you. Thank you for lifting up our staff members and helping them find the strength to keep serving. The strength to stay positive. The strength to stay in this.

As the first curve flattened out, you’ve continued to help us by wearing your masks and practicing the social distancing we need to keep fighting this thing. Thank you for doing your part.

As we face the unknown of this coming fall and winter, we want you to know that our goal remains the same. We are staying in this together – because that’s what this community does.

We are proud to serve you, our neighbors, our friends. Thank you for supporting us.

–Martin Padgett
CEO, Clark Memorial Health