Dr. Sabrina Taylor joins Clark Primary Care

September 9, 2019

Dr. Sabrina Taylor chose family medicine because she likes a little bit of everything.

“I like seeing young kids and then seeing their parents and their grandparents,” she says. “And I also like a wide array of things. I like women’s health, diabetic management, sports injuries, acute care. I like the idea of getting to know people, forming relationships with them and helping them.”

Dr. Taylor practiced family medicine in her native Iowa before beginning her work with Clark Primary Care (formerly Havens Medical Group) in Clarksville in September.

"It’s critical for families to find a doctor they trust and feel comfortable with," Dr. Taylor says. “There are a lot of things in medicine where it’s very private information, and it’s nerve-racking to bring those things up,” she says. “You need to find someone you can form a respectful relationship with where they can explain things well, respect your decisions, and you also will respect theirs and listen to what they have to say.”

As summer shifts into fall, Dr. Taylor advises families to make preventative health a priority.

“Getting your flu vaccination is probably the biggest thing," she says. "I would definitely recommend it to not only protect yourself but also to protect your loved ones. There unfortunately are a lot of misconceptions about influenza and the vaccination and I encourage everyone who has questions to address them with your physician."

It’s also a great time to schedule an annual physical, Dr. Taylor adds. “It’s important to have a time where your doctor can go over preventative health.”

New to Kentuckiana, Dr. Taylor is looking forward to getting to know the area through her healthy hobbies of running and biking. She also enjoys traveling with her husband, reading and cooking.

“One thing I typically eat for lunch is a vegetable sandwich,” she says. “I got teased a lot at my last job for that, actually! We normally have a lot of leftover vegetables at our house that I don’t want to go to waste. So it’s often like peppers, carrots, hummus – I just grab whatever vegetables we have and put them on a sandwich.”

That ties in with Dr. Taylor’s little-bit-of-everything style. Patients young and old can make an appointment with her by calling 812.283.4441.

Speaking of flu shots, Clark Memorial is hosting a Flu Shot Clinic on October 15. Learn more here.