The Clark Memorial Health Emergency Department is currently under construction! 

We are working to rebuild our Emergency Room into a first-class facility that is better suited to meet the growing needs of our community and will help our incredible emergency medicine team provide an even higher level of care to those we serve.

Renovations will include a complete overhaul of the current layout of the ER that will allow for a “fast track” concept, which will increase patient flow and reduce wait times. Triage and treatment areas will be redesigned to increase privacy for all patients. Once completed, the new ER will have a centrally located clinical workstation, making it faster and easier for clinicians to move through the space and provide a clear view of all patient areas at all times. The project will also include a new patient monitoring system, a new nurse call system, and a new HVAC unit. The waiting area and ambulance bay will both be relocated to make it easier to transport patients in and out of the ER and improve access for patients and staff. Finally, the entire space will receive cosmetic upgrades.

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The construction is expected to take 18-24 months. The renovations will be completed in phases and will not cause any interruption in emergency care for the community. To see updates around the progress we're making, parking changes, entrance closures and more, please check back to this page or follow us on Facebook.

Phase 1 of Construction is Complete – January 19, 2018

Phase 1 began October 23, 2017, and with its’s completion we now have a new breakroom for our Emergency Department team members, new public restrooms and vending area, completed demolition of the old entrance in preparation for relocation of the ED entrance at the end of Phase 2.

Demolition for Phase 2 begins Monday, January 22nd, and will be completed April 30, 2018, this phase of the project includes relocation of the security office, relocation of the waiting room, and completion of the new ED entrance. Barriers for Phase 2 are going up today.

Valet Parking to Begin – December 18, 2017

Clark Memorial Healthl has partnered with Health Park Hospitality services offering valet parking to patients entering the emergency department. During hospital construction, valet parking will provide a safe and convenient way for patients to navigate the emergency department area easily.

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Entrance Relocated – November 16, 2017

The demolition of the main Emergency Room entrance has been completed. We understand that when patients arrive the attention is focused on the need for care; however, we ask that visitors use extra caution when walking through the construction area. Signs have been placed to guide patients to the temporary entrance. This will remain in place for approximately two more weeks. Inside the Emergency Room waiting area, there are barrier walls in place while we work on the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing rough-ins. This work is scheduled to last through the end of next week.

Entrance Relocated – October 23, 2017

Demolition of the main emergency entrance will begin Monday, October 23. The Emergency entrance will be temporarily relocated to the security entrance. Signage will be in place to guide patients to the new entrance. There is some noise expected with the demolition of the entrance; however, vibrations are not expected to be an issue.

Entrance Closure and Parking Changes – October 2, 2017

Two of the three hospital entrances on Spring Street have been closed due to the construction. These entrances will remain closed for the duration of the project. Patients and visitors should use the entrance at the intersection of Spring Street and Sparks Avenue.

To offset the loss of parking areas due to construction patients and visitors will be able to park in the lot across the street adjacent to the Ambulance Bay. Patients who need immediate assistance should use the area closest to the ambulance bay that has been reserved for patient drop off.

Signage will be placed on the hospital campus to guide you through detours. Staff members will be ready to provide directions and transport patients (particularly mothers in active labor). For those with non-emergency visits, you may need to allow extra time to get to appointments. Please plan your visit to Clark Memorial Health accordingly.

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