Get Your Flu Shot at Clark Memorial on October 6

September 14, 2016

Get your flu shot at Clark Memorial Hospital

Jeffersonville, Ind. – Clark Memorial is offering a flu shot clinic on Thursday, October 6 from 4 to 7 p.m. in the main lobby of the hospital. The cost is $15, cash or check only. No insurance or Medicare will be accepted. Adults and children 12 and older are welcome. A parent or guardian must be present for those under 18.

Influenza is a serious disease and outcomes of the infection can result in hospitalization or death. The timing of flu season can be unpredictable so it is important to get a flu shot before the weather gets cold. Flu activity typically peaks in January or February, but it can begin as early as October and continue well into May. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends a yearly flu vaccination for ages 6 months and older. It takes about two weeks after vaccination for the antibodies to develop and provide protection against the flu, so the ideal time to get vaccinated is in October to ensure protection before flu season begins.

While a flu vaccination is an important first-step in protecting against this potentially deadly disease, there are other preventive steps you can take. Flu prevention includes avoiding close contact with sick people, disinfecting surfaces and objects that may be contaminated and basic hand hygiene.

For more information, contact Alicia Rousseau at 812-283-2101.