Clark Memorial Health selected as first site in state-wide Pilot Study using Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to heal veterans with TBI/PTSD

October 15, 2020

The Purdue Neurotrauma Group is leading a pilot study of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) as a therapy option for wounded veterans with traumatic brain injury/post-traumatic stress disorder (TBI/PTSD).  Clark Memorial Health in Jeffersonville is the first medical provider in Indiana to be selected to treat these veterans under a pilot program created by the Indiana General Assembly in 2017.  Veterans who are interested in the HBOT pilot program and have a diagnosis of TBI/PTSD can apply for out-patient treatment at Clark Memorial Health.

“We are excited to partner with Purdue University and help advance research on the safety, efficacy and healing power of HBOT for brain injuries,” said Mendy McIntosh, program director of wound healing services at Clark Memorial Health.

Research studies using HBOT to heal brain injuries continue to mount evidence indicating that some patients recover enough to show improved quality of life as a result of the therapy.  The Purdue Neurotrauma Group has a long history of studying concussions in contact sports athletes and this pilot study will extend those efforts by attempting to improve the lives of veterans affected by similar injuries.

Indiana is one of seven states including FL, NC, KY, AZ, TX and OK who enacted legislation for HBOT treatments and Indiana is the only state to fund a pilot research trial.  The Veterans Administration currently does not cover HBOT treatment through Tricare, the health care program of the US Department of Defense Military Health System.   Typically the individual veteran covers the treatment out-of-pocket unless the veteran signs up for a clinical trial program like Indiana if offering.

Veterans interested is participating in this clinical trial should contact Mendy McIntosh at 812-283-2850 or or Bob Thacker at 812-283-2470 or