Valet Parking at Clark Memorial Hospital Emergency Department

December 18, 2017

Clark Memorial Hospital has partnered with Health Park Hospitality services offering valet parking to patients entering the emergency department. During hospital construction, valet parking will provide a safe and convenient way for patients to navigate the emergency department area easily.

Beginning Wednesday, December 20, free valet parking will be available to those entering the emergency department. This service is available from noon until 10 pm Monday through Friday.

Valet attendants from Health Park Hospitality dressed in blue and black uniforms will be stationed outside the emergency department entrance on Spring St. When you pull your car up to the valet podium, you will be greeted by an attendant that will give you a claim ticket, park your car and safely store your keys. Valets can also assist with luggage, crutches, wheelchairs and directions. If additional assistance is needed, the valet can call hospital security to bring out hospital staff to obtain a helping hand.

Cars will be parked in the overflow lot across from the emergency department. When you return for your car, give the claim ticket back to the valet attendant and they will retrieve the car and hand over your keys.

Two lanes of traffic will be open at all times in the parking lot directly in front of the emergency department. One lane is for valet parking and the other lane will remain open for ambulances and cars that will drop off patients not using the valet. A pass through for ambulances will remain open at all times.

Clark Memorial is continually looking for ways to improve hospital services. Valet parking is one way to show our commitment to making patients feel welcome.