Osteoporosis Screenings, Prevention and Treatment

Loss of bone mass – often called “osteoporosis” or “brittle bones” – is a common health issue that can lead to big problems like fractures. That’s why it’s important to monitor your bone health and take steps to reduce your risk.

Our experienced Bone Health Team offers a wide range of services for men and women of all ages, including:

  • Screening tests  that monitor your bone density, including a type of X-ray known as a DEXA scan
  • Treatments that can help slow the rate of bone loss, including medications and hormone management
  • Consultation on other ways to reduce your risk of osteoporosis and osteopenia (a precursor to osteoporosis)

Do you need an osteoporosis screening?

Screening is generally recommended for:

  • Women 65 and over
  • Men 70 and over
  • Anyone over 50 who breaks a bone
  • Menopausal women with risk factors (see below)
  • Men between 50 and 69 with risk factors (see below)
  • Anyone who has experienced loss of height

Risk factors for osteoporosis include:

  • Low bone density
  • Low body weight
  • Family history of fractures or a previous fracture
  • Smoking
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Three or more alcohol drinks per day
  • Long term use of steroids and some medications

Meet our Bone Health Team

Nancy Hanna, PA-C has more than 15 years of experience diagnosing and treating osteoporosis. She can review bone scan results, counsel on risk factors and offer treatment options. Consultations last about 30-45 minutes.

Location: Clark Just for Women Health Solutions

Dr. Chih Chang has been managing patients with osteoporosis for over 7 years and has a strong interest in hormone disturbance, a main cause of osteoporosis in both women and men. He can review bone scan results, counsel on risk factors and offer treatment options including, but not limited to, hormone management.

Location: Clark Endocrinology

Dr. Jennifer Teeter is a Certified Clinical Densitometrist and has 7 years experience as an Osteoporosis Specialist focusing on DXA scans, osteoporosis diagnosis and management. Her care includes calcium and vitamin D recommendations, weight bearing exercise and muscle strenghthening exercises, fall and spine precautions, tobacco cessation and when necessary pharmacological intervention. 

Location: Clark Orthopedic & Spine

Call the Bone Health Team at 812.288.6161.