Cardiac Rehab Program

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I start rehab?

Your rehabilitation can begin two to six weeks after surgery, a coronary event, or release from your cardiologist.

Will my insurance cover the cost of rehab?

Most insurance companies cover certain diagnoses for cardiac rehab. Our medical professionals will assist you in verifying your coverage, or discuss other financial arrangements if your insurance does not cover the costs of rehabilitation.

How do I get started?

Your cardiologist or family physician can give you a referral for cardiac rehab. Contact the Cardiac Rehabilitation Services at 812.283.2208.

How often will I attend cardiac rehab?

Most people attend rehab three times a week. However, through our maintenance and exercise programs, you can attend up to five days a week.

How long should I plan on attending cardiac rehab?

We develop a personalized program for every patient, so it depends on your goals and condition. The typical program lasts six to 12 weeks with maintenance and exercise programs continuing on an ongoing basis.

I don’t have a heart condition, but I would like to prevent it from occurring. Can I still participate in the program?

Clark Memorial Health offers a Preventative Heart Exercise Program. Our medical professionals will develop an individualized program based on your needs and lifestyle. You may exercise up to five days a week and attend our educational programs.

When are educational classes available?

Our educational classes are offered each week focusing on heart disease, risk factors, and prevention.

I am ready! How do I sign up?

Call Clark Memorial Health Heart Center Cardiac Rehabilitation Services at 812.283.2208.