Recovering Faster IN Your Hometown

At Clark Memorial Health, our physicians and surgical staff go to great lengths to help you understand everything related to your surgery, from the procedure to the preparations you’ll need to make and what to expect in the hours and days following your surgery. The Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program (ERAS) is an innovative way to care for you before, during and after surgery. The program involves preparing your body for surgery, a pain control plan to decrease narcotic use, and early walking, eating and drinking after surgery. ERAS helps you take control of your health care and recovery — creating a better surgical experience and a faster recovery.

"As a part of the ERAS process, I was asked to increase the protein in my diet days leading up to the surgery. After the surgery, I felt well enough to get up and move sooner than expected. I felt so good, that I was back on the golf course within just a few weeks of the operation. Thank you to Dr. Marconi and the team at Clark Memorial for getting me back to my golf game sooner!” – Garry Royse, Jeffersonville, IN

ERAS has been shown to reduce post-surgical complications by 50% and decrease hospitalization time between 30-50 percent. This program was developed with a patient-centered focus as it is meant to make surgery and recovery as short and uneventful as possible. ERAS was established in Europe and is now practiced in the United States at leading medical centers including Duke University and Cleveland Clinic. In 2018, ERAS was named #8 on the Top 10 Medical Innovations by Cleveland Clinic.

Benefits of this program include:

  • Decreased stress on the body
  • Lower risk of complications
  • Fewer narcotics
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Improved patient recovery

Once you commit to the program, you will begin to focus on optimizing your health before surgery. You are encouraged to:

  • Eat clean and healthy. Good nutrition will help recovery. Your main focus is on protein intake before and after surgery as protein provides building blocks for muscles, bones, and the immune system.
  • Exercising 30 minutes a day in the weeks leading up to surgery. Exercise will build stamina and endurance. You want to be as strong as possible going into surgery.
  • Drink three high carbohydrate drinks called Ensure Pre-Surgery. You drink two the day before surgery and one the morning of surgery. (This is a required step in the program.)

ERAS puts YOU in control of your healthcare and recovery. Your responsibilities are eating, drinking, getting out of bed, and using alternatives to narcotics for pain. Doing these things as soon as possible will help you recover sooner. Patients who commit to the program see a decrease in unwanted side effects that come with taking narcotics, such as drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, and constipation. These interventions will allow you to have a better surgical experience and return to normal function faster.

The entire team at Clark Memorial Health is devoted to providing you with the best possible care. To learn more about surgical options, call 812.282.0637.

For questions about the ERAS program contact:

Jennifer Schmidt, Advanced Specialty Coordinator